I love Tube mice


Tube mouse

I am not really a vermin lover, before you get the wrong end of the twig. I will, however, say that I do think mice and pigeons (even rats at a push but only if you can’t see their tails and probably more in cartoon form than live rats) are pretty cute to look at it in pictures. So, as much as I am not really into vermin I do have a marshmallowy soft spot for tube mice. When I say tube mice I, of course, mean the cute teeny-weeny little ones that spend their lives scuttling around the tracks of the shitty London tube stations probably spending the majority of their time dining on leftover shreds of doner kebab meat, Subway sandwich crusts and lapping up dribbles from a discarded Strongbow can whilst also managing to avoid a pretty gruesome death under the wheel of a Northern Line southbound train.

If you live in London you’re bound to have been kept company by a tube mouse on a quiet late night sitting on more than one occasion. You, your fourth-hand copy of thelondonpaper and little Mousey. They tend to jump out onto the platform and run around late at night for a bit looking for any old stale waste that they can pass off as a meal to the few-hundred strong family of wives, sons, brothers and sisters that have waiting back at base camp with empty tums.
Mice on the underground are cuter and generally cooler than standard run of the mill mice for the following reasons:

  • They are much smaller than the mice you see in pet shops – mice do have cute faces anyway so tube mice’s tinyness only makes their faces cuter
  • They are a kind of dirty grey colour – I am never sure if they are naturally dark grey or if they’re actually light haired but get covered in dirt and oil and suchlike from living down in the train tracks. I always prefer to opt for the latter because it just sounds like a really cute story
  • They are really friendly – they sometimes sit right next to you if the platform is quiet
  • Sometime they have little fights with one another on the platform – this is much better than watching two ugly pig men scrapping over a hippo in a mini skirt
  • They are the best form of entertainment when waiting for your train. Have you seen the happy faces of commuters as they watch the little mice dance and skip around of an evening?

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    nice tube about love

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    htpoğv pöb b ulşknb poğçbp

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